Kelli & Kyle – Preview Trailer – South Carolina Wedding Video

So excited to finally share this awesome couple’s trailer! This is the magic. Great couple, great team. Proud to be part of it! Short Film coming soon. Video – Planning …By Invitation Only – Photo – Brodie Photo – DJ – Big Time Entertainment – Advertisements

Kayla & Mark – Her truck is bigger than his…

Kayla & Mark Preview Trailer One thing I loved about Kayla & Mark from the beginning was personality! These guys were funny. I just love how absolutely made for each other they are. They are looking forward to a future of hunting together. I think it’s just awesome. Also, I got to work with the […]

Anya & Chris – The Jock and the Cheerleader get married…

Anya & Chris Preview Trailer You know, it’s a cliche in our industry to say our clients seem like family. In this case, this whole day felt so comfortable and we felt so welcome with these guys it really did feel like family. I did video fro Any’as brother Jason in 2007, and it was […]

Jessie & Matt – Charming Southern Wedding in Camden South Carolina

Jessie & Matt – Preview Trailer Whew, it’s been a busy fall! Let’s get caught up shall we… 🙂 This wedding has great charm. Old southern church, country club reception, and two great families coming together. I got to work with my friends Joshua & Aaron for the first time. Just a great day… Jessie […]

Anastasia & Kevin – Preview Trailer – Columbia SC Greek Orthodox wedding…

This was such an unreal, beautiful, colorful, and awe inspiring wedding to be a part of. You could feel the joy coming from everyone involved. Great friends to work with, Lucas Brown, Dave Gilbert, Tony Sharpe. And to end the night with an Aston Martin… well that just sums it up! Thanks Jonathan for a […]

Meredith & Ryan – Preview Trailer – Columbia SC Wedding

So great to get to know couples and families, get to see them interact. Rehearsals are great for getting to see that real interaction. What a great day and amazing group of vendors. Short Film coming soon! 701 Whaley – Jill Areheart – …by invitation only Courtney Dox – American Floral […]

Sarah & Andy – Preview Trailer – Columbia, SC wedding

This was honestly one of the most laid back wedding days I’ve ever been a part of. These guys were on time and early for everything planned, it was so cool to see them kick back and enjoy this day. Short Film coming soon! Wedding at Shandon Methodist and reception at Millstone at Adams Pond. […]