Kayla & Mark – Her truck is bigger than his…

Kayla & Mark Preview Trailer One thing I loved about Kayla & Mark from the beginning was personality! These guys were funny. I just love how absolutely made for each other they are. They are looking forward to a future of hunting together. I think it’s just awesome. Also, I got to work with the […]

Anya & Chris – The Jock and the Cheerleader get married…

Anya & Chris Preview Trailer You know, it’s a cliche in our industry to say our clients seem like family. In this case, this whole day felt so comfortable and we felt so welcome with these guys it really did feel like family. I did video fro Any’as brother Jason in 2007, and it was […]

Caitlin & Calvin – South Carolina Lace House Wedding Film

This really is just an gorgeous spot for a wedding. Great light, beautiful trees. And then at the reception, they THROW DOWN! Expert planning and direction from Jill Arehart with By Invitiation Only, The Lace House was perfect. Great, hot day. http://www.cinemacouture.com http://www.lacehouse.sc.gov http://www.murphyweddings.com http://www.palmettopartyrental.com

Sarah & Andy – Short Film – Columbia SC Wedding Film at Adam’s Pond

What a beautiful day. Great couple, great group of friends. And personality for days. This is what makes what I do worthwhile. Awesome. This was at the amazing Adam’s Pond, DJ by Big Time Entertainment. Thanks to Jonathan Palance for the great edit and all the hard work. Songs licensed through http://www.songfreedom.com http://www.cinemcouture.com http://www.thesouthernway.com http://www.wearebigtime.com

Meg & Ross Short Film | Great rehearsal speeches | Orangeburg SC Wedding

It’s so great when I get to shoot rehearsal dinners. I get such insight into the couples and feel like I can really tell their story. This one was no exception. Friends and family are so relaxed and it really takes on a very personal feel. What a great wedding. Great weather, awesome setting. This […]

Amber & Ryan – Short Film – Beautiful Light – Classic Columbia, SC Wedding

There are some days where you know that are where you are supposed to be. Amber & Ryan’s wedding was one of those days. It was beyond perfect weather, perfect light, everything seemed just right. Seeing these two supported by so many people that know them and love them was a blessing. This was our […]

LaToya & Andre – Short Film – Ft. Jackson Wedding

http://vimeo.com/32435167 I really appreciate weddings with personality. These guys had it. They could’ve gotten married anywhere at any time and their wedding would be busting with personality because they carry it with them everywhere. I’m very excited to be able to use JayZ and Kanye in a wedding video. (Be sure to hang out till […]

Melanie & J Kenyon – The Short Film – Lake Murray Wedding

http://www.vimeo.com/30069273 It’s amazing to me really. This is a beautiful setting. You couldn’t ask for more on this day. 10 minutes of rain which cooled the August day off to about 85. With all of this it is the people involved that are most profound. I love this story and I feel very blessed that […]