Why I love wedding films…

There is an important difference between doing a job, and fulfilling a calling. The difference is subtle, but the result is massive. I feel so blessed to be able to document history for the amazing couples we work with. The main goal for Cinema Couture is to spread the word of the importance of getting […]

Joshua Aaron Photography – Vendor Profile – Columbia Wedding Photographers

One of the great things about being a business owner is getting to meet very cool people. I met these two through the wedding business in Columbia and have always been impressed with their humility and the way they conduct themselves. They just make you happy being around them. We worked together on a wedding […]

The Magic Formula to a Great Wedding!

This past Saturday, I had a revelation. I have these a lot, but this was a big one. First of all, it was a great wedding. Kelli & Kyle got married at St. Peter’s and reception at the convention center. Now, I’ve had a lot of great weddings this year, but this is the one […]

The Phantom of Old-School Wedding Videography

I hear people all of the time talking about competition. How the wedding business is so competitive. Well. I wanted to take a minute to talk about my competition as a wedding videographer. With every bride I face the Phantom of Old-School Videography. I fight what we used to do back in the olden days. […]

Top Ten things amateur videographers do wrong…

So, I get asked occasionally for advice on wedding videography. I wrote this list for a magazine called SO in Indiana. I thought it might be a good list to share here. If you are considering letting a “friend” or relative shoot your wedding. These are some things to look out for… Stability. Everyone thinks […]

It’s the people! duh…

So, for years, I’ve been trying to figure out my style. I’ve tried every gadget and technique in the book to get that signature look. And then a few weeks ago it hit me. It’s the people! What makes a wedding or anything involved interesting or exciting is the people! their story. I realized that […]

Why weddings? Well… let me tell you.

People ask me all the time about my “other” work. I do commercials, corporate events, and music videos. And then, inevitably comes; Why weddings? It’s very simple. In commercial work and even music videos there’s a script. There’s that one way that it should go. The way I should shoot, edit, and deliver is all […]

A great article on how to attract brides… thanks Natalie!

5 Ways to Build Relationships That Sell During a time when businesses are closing their doors left and right, it is more important than ever to build strong, lasting relationships. And, it’s even more important to develop these relationships that also SELL for you, bringing you more brides, more money and more freedom! So, when […]