The Magic Formula to a Great Wedding!

This is a still from their video...

This is a still from their video…

This past Saturday, I had a revelation. I have these a lot, but this was a big one. First of all, it was a great wedding. Kelli & Kyle got married at St. Peter’s and reception at the convention center. Now, I’ve had a lot of great weddings this year, but this is the one where I put the formula together. It consists of two elements.

  • First is great vendors. There was a great team of vendors there on the day, working together, looking out for each other, and on top of their game. Matt Brodie; photographer, Cameron Glover; DJ, Lacy Geary with …By Invitation Only was directing. There wasn’t a weak link. I think it’s so important to surround yourself with great vendors on your wedding day. Not only that can do great work, but have great attitudes so that they help the day go forward and not worry only about themselves.
  • Second is a great couple. Now this may sound cliche, but Kelli and Kyle were so easy going on the day. This was an adventure and they were up for anything. They had prepared for the day, and were just there to enjoy their friends and family being around them. No stressing over the little details that don’t end up making much difference. They had Lacy to handle those things.

I think the combination of great vendors with the right attitude and a great couple with the right attitude can overcome any wedding day obstacle like rain, or delays, etc. And that’s really what makes the difference…

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