It’s the people! duh…

Tanja & Rick's First Kiss

So, for years, I’ve been trying to figure out my style. I’ve tried every gadget and technique in the book to get that signature look. And then a few weeks ago it hit me. It’s the people! What makes a wedding or anything involved interesting or exciting is the people! their story. I realized that if I focus on their experience, and what it felt like; I would give them something beyond technique or imagery (even though those things are important) I would deliver to them a feeling. And that is priceless. No matter where the wedding takes place, or the band, or the flowers, or what cameras I have. The most important thing at every wedding is those two people. People. Duh… 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s the people! duh…

  1. Bill V:

    I just spent time viewing your entire website and FB page. Honestly, the trailers and short films made me laugh, cry, smile, get chills and feel warm and loved. You are blessed with such a God-given talent for seeing and presenting to your viewer enormous beauty in simple and complex things – all within one scene or one moment in any wedding. Treasure your gifts, protect them for they are so precious and rare in today’s world! I am so proud of what you give to the fortunate ones that choose you as the visible maker of their dreams! I look forward to more short films and videos to come!

    Your friend,

    Kay Wolf

    • Wow. Kay thanks. It’s so great to see you around facebook after all of these years. Kind words. And believe me, I feel VERY lucky to be where I am. Thanks again.

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