Filmmaker vs. Videographer

Britney Mckie

Britney & Her Girls

You know, you hear these terms bandied around as if everybody understands what they mean. Am I a filmmaker? Am I a videographer? A Cinematographer, A Producer? It’s actually a very simple answer. Yes.
As an independent businessman, I am occasionally all of these things.

As a storyteller at a wedding, I am a filmmaker. I take all of those elements of the day in video and audio and create a story. Much like a filmmaker takes a script and chooses its direction, except for me it’s the other way around, the direction is set by the events of the day.
When I’m shooting a seminar or workshop, I’m a videographer. I simply document what happens and report it. It’s very clean a clear cut.
In all of these things I am a producer, and that’s what is on my business card. I am cinematographer, cameraman, sound designer, director, grip, and so on.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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