Why weddings? Well… let me tell you.

Sara & Mom

People ask me all the time about my “other” work. I do commercials, corporate events, and music videos. And then, inevitably comes; Why weddings? It’s very simple.
In commercial work and even music videos there’s a script. There’s that one way that it should go. The way I should shoot, edit, and deliver is all laid out right there. It’s fixed. But, at a wedding, anything could happen, and usually does. So, at a wedding, I have to have my eyes open. I need to find the story; the parts of the day that make it interesting to watch, and I build the story based off of these separate events into something that matters. It’s the place in my life that I get to be very creative. Sometimes HAVE to be very creative. And that’s why weddings for me.
Cinema Couture


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