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5 Ways to Build Relationships That Sell

During a time when businesses are closing their doors left and right, it is more important than ever to build strong, lasting relationships. And, it’s even more important to develop these relationships that also SELL for you, bringing you more brides, more money and more freedom!

So, when many people are undercutting each other left and right in order to “get the brides,” I’m challenging us ALL to actually approach business in an authentic, ethical way… and also in a way to have fun and make money in the process too! After all, if you can make more money with a business model that WORKS, wouldn’t you rather do that than undercut your competition only to make pennies on the dollar? Who wants to work just as hard for less money? (Not me!)

1. Your Unpaid Sales Force of (Non-Competitive) Wedding Vendors

Where do most brides go to ask who to hire, who’s reputable, who does the best job and who do you like to work with? OTHER wedding vendors!! So, why not enlist them to help you by sending you leads and making you more money today?

Meet in person with vendors who you’d not only love to work with, but also vendors who would love to help you AND work with YOU! Simply ask for their referrals. Don’t beg. Don’t seem desperate. Just politely ask and also do the same for them. Venues are the best place to begin, then (not necessarily in this order) planners, caterers, photographers, videographers, deejays and bands, entertainment companies, florists, transportation companies, travel agents, stationers, bridal boutiques, hair stylists, makeup artists, and every other person you can think of who works with brides. Everyone!

2. Your Paid Sales Force of Affiliates

What’s the best thank you gift for most people? Money! So, why not offer that as a commission for any sales sent your way? It’s the easiest, fastest and most effective way to get sales right now, right away! So, do it. I would suggest offering anywhere between 10%-25% of commission to your paid sales force to get returns now and fast!

3. Raving Brides

Who’s your best mouthpiece for you and your business to get the word out to brides everywhere (besides your mother)? Your past and present brides! Send them a letter asking for referrals and letting them know that you love to work with brides just like them. Educate them on how to send you brides and how you’ll thank them for it (a bottle of wine, a night out for dinner, money, or whatever fits their personality). Brides love other brides, so this is a no-brainer group of people to get selling for you right away!

4. Warm & Fuzzy Letter

A warm and fuzzy letter is the best way to educate anyone and everyone you know on how to send you referrals. It’s a direct mail strategy where you update everyone you know with what you need, when you need it and how to get it to you. And the beauty is that it works…fast! Keep it personal, personalized, and be yourself. The more you that you pour into your letter, the better! People will love it!

5. Networking

In this day and age, the beauty of networking is that you can network with people in person AND online. Your reach is virtually endless. And, that’s beautiful, amazing and exciting! In person is always best because people can get to know you better face-to-face, and the bond is built faster. But, social media networking also provides invaluable resources to reach out and spread your message. And that’s awesome for business!

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:

Be a leader in your wedding community. Instead of burning bridges, build stronger bonds than ever before, which will create relationships that last and relationships that sell. Use all 5 ways to build relationships to see results within a matter of weeks in your business. You’ll love what you see!
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Natalie Bradley, The Bride Attraction Mentor, is creator of the Bride Attraction System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to attract more brides, make more m.o.n.e.y., and have more freedom in your business…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. audio course: “5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Wedding Business” and receive her weekly marketing & motivation articles on attracting more high-paying, ideal brides and drastically increasing your income, visit http://www.BrideAttraction.com


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