Kelli & Kyle – Preview Trailer – South Carolina Wedding Video

So excited to finally share this awesome couple’s trailer! This is the magic. Great couple, great team. Proud to be part of it! Short Film coming soon.

Video –
Planning …By Invitation Only
Photo – Brodie Photo
DJ – Big Time Entertainment


San Souci Farms Wedding Film – Karen & Henry

Another great example from one of our favorite local locations. I love that the pastor talks about San Souci, how it means without worry, and relates it to the couple. Nothing would slow them down.

Kayla & Mark – Her truck is bigger than his…

Kayla & Mark Preview Trailer

One thing I loved about Kayla & Mark from the beginning was personality! These guys were funny. I just love how absolutely made for each other they are. They are looking forward to a future of hunting together. I think it’s just awesome. Also, I got to work with the fabulous Meagan Warren for the first time which was awesome.

Kayla & Mark Short Film

Karen & Henry – San Souci Farms – Preview Trailer

San Souci farms is such a beautiful location. Even on a rainy day. Nothing phased these guys. We had a great wedding vendor team that day, it turned out gorgeous. Short Film coming soon!

Anya & Chris – The Jock and the Cheerleader get married…

Anya & Chris Preview Trailer

You know, it’s a cliche in our industry to say our clients seem like family. In this case, this whole day felt so comfortable and we felt so welcome with these guys it really did feel like family. I did video fro Any’as brother Jason in 2007, and it was like we had kept up the whole time. What a great family, and I am so honored to be able to take part in 2 special days in their life.
Wedding and reception at the magnificent Adam’s pond…

Anya & Chris Short Film

Jessie & Matt – Charming Southern Wedding in Camden South Carolina

Jessie & Matt – Preview Trailer
Whew, it’s been a busy fall! Let’s get caught up shall we… ­čÖé

This wedding has great charm. Old southern church, country club reception, and two great families coming together. I got to work with my friends Joshua & Aaron for the first time. Just a great day…

Jessie & Matt Short Film

Why I love wedding films…

There is an important difference between doing a job, and fulfilling a calling. The difference is subtle, but the result is massive. I feel so blessed to be able to document history for the amazing couples we work with. The main goal for Cinema Couture is to spread the word of the importance of getting a wedding film. Once your day is over, it’s gone. Ask your friends. It’s widely recognized as the #1 regret of brides. We take your wedding film very personally, because we are creating a document of history that will be in your family forever. That’s a massive responsibility but we take it on with pride. Watch imagining your children and grandchildren watching your film, the cost is forgotten over time but the value remains.


15 yrs later… how do you do it?


I hear a lot of people talk about how marriage is hard. It’s hard work requiring lots of effort. I see my friends experience this and condemn marriage as the problem. Well. I have to tell you. My marriage is not a lot of work. Sure, we fight like cats and dogs, but as much as we fight we generally just get along. And people say we’re lucky. Well, I’ll say that’s half the battle. I am one of the luckiest guys ever because (now I’m realizing) VERY early in my life, I found a woman that I am compatible with. I think back to when we were 24, and I see our relationship as exactly the same as now, 15 yrs later. We had all of the things that young couples have, excitement, a lot of laughs, passionate arguments, but I realized along the way that we were basically the same. The way we believe about the most basic things in life is the same. Our personalities are polar opposites, our backgrounds are similar, our interests are completely different, but at the most basic level, we are compatible. I think the other half of making this marriage work for another 50 yrs is understanding that compatibility and recognizing it when I was 24. I think the problem that a lot of couples run into when they get married is not putting enough weight on that question of compatibility. ┬áBelieve me, you will gain weight, and get wrinkles, and lose your hair, and so on. And in the end all you’re left with is the heart and soul of the person you choose. Half of the story for us is luck, the other half is making that choice. We’ve had some hard times in our lives, some struggles, but we’ve never struggled with each other. We’ve struggled together against the world, and that’s the most important thing for a marriage whether you’re planning one, or looking back on 15 yrs. You must do it together. Happy Anniversary Mary… We’re just getting started.

Smharder – The new way to do it…

There’s a saying that goes around small business a lot which is that you should work smarter not harder. I’ve always had issue with that saying simply because I don’t believe that the most successful businesses are run by people that don’t work hard. I believe whole heartedly that the most successful people work smarter & harder. I think this applies to athletes and actors and billionaires and small business people alike. The hustle is the determining factor in situations of good luck or great talent. So, my thought is that the new way to look at it is to work smharder… Smarter & Harder. Take it from Chris Kutcher…

Joshua Aaron Photography – Vendor Profile – Columbia Wedding Photographers

One of the great things about being a business owner is getting to meet very cool people. I met these two through the wedding business in Columbia and have always been impressed with their humility and the way they conduct themselves. They just make you happy being around them. We worked together on a wedding this spring and I figured this was a great time to get an interview. They are rising stars in the SC photography world. check out the website at

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